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We believe its interesting to publish NEWS about us! and not boring links just to boost our number of likes.

So when we want to say something you will find it here.

2202-07 METROPOOLREGIO Article

A nice article about how Montreal Solutions are supporting the Hogschool Rotterdam with its "Energytransitionlab"

Click and read the article here:

2022-03 We are busy busy setting up our Pilot project with the help of our A-Team.

5x top students from Hoogschool Rotterdam; So say hi to Bryan, Quan, Rinish, Mick and Jia-jie!.


2022-02 We are pleased to announce the arrival of our main gadgets from Onset.


Thanks to our local supplier, we have received at lightening speed our main IOT ready gadgets from Onset. These will form the main part of our energy monitoring architecture and provide a seamless integration of devices to our IOT platform.


2022 - We are very excited to be out of the start blocs already!

Orders have been made and our first gadgets are coming. We will kick off with a pilot project with Stage 1 SMART Connect ME:
Were we will help the client to get a clear overview of their energy use, without intrusive sensors.

Then move swiftly to Stage 2: SMART AI: 

Maximum efficiency and minimum eco footprint through SMART algorithms.

Yes exciting! and did we also mention we are recruiting and already looking at the future of Energy transition? oh yes and more!. Watch this space


2021 - So what's new?

Well we have been working hard in 2020 listening to our customers needs, instead of telling them what we think they need. This has given us the opportunity to look forward to 2021 with open eyes and a desire to provide the best SMART solution that will meet the requirements you want and need. 

May 2021

We thought we would put pen to paper and explain how we see a SMART future and how we want to shape it.

So if you interested to read more, then subscribe and download HERE our White paper:


Stay Posted & Stay Safe


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